Susie Lambert Missionary Society

Under the leadership of Reverend Stanley the Samaritan Missionary Society changed it's name to Susie Lambert Missionary Society in honor of her dedicated and long time service. Mother Lambert was committed to the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation.  She was an outstanding member of Bethel and the community.  Several years ago Reverend Shaw modified the name from Society to Ministry to better reflect the work and objectives of the organization.  Today, Mother Lambert's legacy lives on in the work that is being done by the Ministry and through her granddaughter, Ms. Michelle Hill who is a committed and dedicated member of the Ministry.  The founding members of the Missionary are Sister Sarah Dent, Sister Dorthy Robinson, Sister Florence Simon and Sister Creola Williams.

The Susie Lambert Missionary Society reaches out wherever and whenever needed, not only to the Bethel Church family, but to the outside community as well. We provide financial and other types of support to bereaved family members within the Church during their time of sorrow. One of the most important aspects of their mission is to visit the sick and shut-in of the community.

This Ministry also participates, when asked with various community projects, such as Joseph House (a shelter out-reach program). They prepare food at designated times for community distribution. In the past they participated in the preparation and serving of the Tuesday Community Meal. 

This Ministry currently serves the monthly meal to the sick and shut-in members of the Church and many from the community. They also help with the preparation and serving of the Saturday Community Meal. During these functions as well as holidays, clothing and other donations are distributed to the needy. The group makes regular donations of books and toys to the local hospitals.

The Susie Lambert Missionary Society meets monthly on the 1st Monday of each month @ 10:30 AM.

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